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The company of T.B.N women under wear established since 1360 and MR Babaee is the manager of this company . His activity is basis of clothing- underwear women and corset cover or bra

the main purpose of this company is best quality of goods for stylist women and fashionable women . the symbol of T.B.N & TANARAM is the bigest and creditable company of women under wear .

All of the goods of T.B.N & TANARAM women under wear company with high quality and best material %100 that made of Germany- french- clothing .

Undergarments or underwear are clothes worn under other clothes, often next to the skin. They keep outer garments from being soiled by perspiration, shape the body and provide support for parts of it. When the weather is cold, long underwear is sometimes worn to provide additional warmth.


Some undergarments are intended for erotic effect. Special types of undergarments have religious significance. Some items of clothing are designed as underwear, while others such as T-shirts and certain types of shorts are appropriate both as undergarments and as outer clothing. If made of suitable material, some undergarments can serve as nightwear or swimsuits.


There are many women out there who was wearing the wrong bra size. In fact, it is believed that at least more than half of all women are actually wearing a bra that is not even close to what their size should be. Not only can wearing the wrong bra look unappealing, but it can also cause a number of different health complications. Here are some of the things that you should know about the importance of finding the right bra size.

Skin Indents and Infections

If the bra is much too tight in the band, it is possible for it to be a danger to the ribs. The reason is because the band will rub against the skin and cause it to have red indents. This tends to be more of a problem when the bra is much too tight and it is also an under wire bra. Wearing the wrong band size for an extended period of time can cause this to become a permanent problem. This can eventually lead to infection if sweat, which may increase due to a tight bra, begins to seep into the skin. Also keep in mind that adjusting the bra straps too tightly can cause you to experience indents in the shoulders, which may lead to irritation.

Back Pain

What many people do not realize is that the wrong bra size can cause you to experience back pain. This generally happens when the bra that you are wearing does provide you with enough support. It generally tends to be a problem that more commonly affects women with larger breasts, but any woman can experience back pain if the bra that she is wearing does not fit properly. It is important to keep in mind that many women are actually wearing the right bra size, but may not necessarily be adjusting the straps properly. If you have ever tried on a bra at different strap adjustments, then you probably already know that the amount of support can be greatly increased.

Breast Appearance

Keep in mind that the wrong bra size can also change the appearance of your breasts over time. Even though this may not necessarily cause you pain, there is no reason for you to begin sagging at a very early age. If you do not have a bra that provides enough lift, it is very possible for this to be a problem for you. Finding a bra that provides enough support may solve the problem, but it is also a good idea to consider wearing a push-up bra to held keep your breasts looking in the best possible shape.


As you can see, there are many different health problems which can be associated with wearing the wrong bra size. This is why finding the right bra size is so important. The best way to find out what the proper bra size for you is to visit a department store that does measurements. It may seem somewhat embarrassing to do this, especially if you are an older woman. Remember that people get measured all the time, however. Since finding the accurate bra size can be somewhat complicated, it is no surprise that there are many women who end up going to a department store to find out what their true bra size is.

The Importance of a Good Bra
For many women, their breasts are the first indicator that they might be expecting. Usually one of your first signs of pregnancy is nipple soreness and breast growth. The reason is because the hormones your body will secrete early on in your pregnancy are starting to prepare you to be able to feed your baby once it is born. Put simply, your body is choosing to breast feed, whether you are or not.

Some women find this perk (no pun intended!) one of the best parts of their new pregnancy body, while others wonder will their breasts ever stop growing?! Regardless of the amount of breast growth you experience during pregnancy, you will be able to make milk and nourish your baby.

Most of your breast growth will occur in the first trimester (the 1st 12 weeks) but some moms continue to have breast growth up until 20 weeks. After 20 weeks, all that is really growing is your rib cage from your belly expanding!

Most advice you read will encourage you to wait until the very end of your pregnancy or even after delivery to get your nursing bras. This is unnecessary and usually too late! Trust me the last thing you will want to be doing your first week home with your newborn and your engorged leaking breasts is try on bras! Remember, whether you decide to breast feed or not your milk is coming in and you will need these bras for engorgement.

Did you know, that some statistics report that up to 90% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra! I fit women for maternity/nursing bras all day, and I would agree that 80-90% of the women that come to me for fittings are not wearing the right size!

During pregnancy and nursing is the most important time in your life to have a properly fit bra. Heres why:
There are ligaments in your chest wall that support your breasts, and when your breasts are bigger and heavier then ever, those ligaments will stretch without the proper support. You may not notice the stretch because while you are pregnant and nursing, your breasts look good no matter what you do! Its not until after its all done that you will notice the damage that is done! This is one thing not to skimp on! Not all bra fitting boutiques are the same, so find one that specializes in fitting bras for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It will be worth the investment. Plastic surgery will cost you much more down the road!

Lastly and most importantly, wearing the wrong size bra or wired bras while breastfeeding can put pressure on your breast tissue and cause problems such as plugged ducts and mastitis (a breast infection). This can make you very sick. This is totally unnecessary and not worth it. There are many extremely supportive (and even sexy!) bras on the market, and with the right fit you will never want to go back to your underwire bras again!

Editorial provided by Shari Criso, MSN, CNM, IBCLC, a certified nurse midwife, board certified lactation consultant, expert bra fitter, nationally recognized new parent educator and owner of The Birth Boutique. Shari has developed a unique bra fitting method that guarantees the perfect fit bra for both pregnant and nursing mothers.

Bra Types and Styles

Your choice from all its kind
The very idea of bra came into existence in the 1920’s, for instance the corset. That time bras or corsets were worn as an undergarment to simply give strong support to women’s breasts and prevented breast sagging problems and backaches. Today, a bra is not just an undergarment. It has become a stylish piece of clothing. Now we have designers who design and manufacture different kinds of bras by adding valuable importance to its usage. < Let us check on the kinds of bras available and which one will suit you the most. Padded Bra - These bras are ideal for women with small breasts. They have padding inside the linings of the cups. This adds volume to small breasts giving the wearer a feel of having big breasts. Full cup bra - These bras provide all the support required for breasts. These under wired cupped bras cover full breasts and are ideally suitable for women with a heavy bust line. Demi cup bra - These bras cover half of the breasts only. They are ideally worn with dresses with plunging necklines and also give a sexual feel by exposing the breasts as well. Strapless bra - These bras have no straps or detachable straps, ideally worn with off shoulder dresses like tube tops or halter necks. Underwire bra - These bras have an under lining of wire in the cups. Some find it comfortable while some do not. But the very purpose of these bras is to lift your breasts and shape them beautifully. T-shirt bra - These bras do not have raised seams to make the wearing of bras invisible under skin hugging t-shirts. Sports bra - These bras are made for women who engage in sports or other rigorous outdoor activities. They are designed to give maximum support to the breasts so that while playing or running, you do not tend to injure your breast tissues. Minimizer bra - This is ideally perfect for women with large breasts. This helps to enhance the appearance of their entire body by reducing the look of the breasts by a cup size or may be two. Maternity bra - During pregnancy, breasts become heavier, sensitive and bigger. These bras are made to provide enough comfort to pregnant women by flexibly adhering to changes of the breasts. Nursing bra - These bras are made for breast feeding mothers. They have flaps that are conveniently unclasped to expose the nipples to feed the baby, supporting the breasts at the same time. There are other kinds of bras with minimal and maximal importance in terms of support and sexuality respectively. But choosing the right bra is quite a task. Check out our bra section, to know what suits you the most. T.B.N & TANARAN WOMEN UNDER WEAR COMPANY Importance of Wearing the Right Bra Do you know a good bra of the correct fit is essential to a woman’s breast? Majority of women are still unaware that they are not wearing the right bra. Women today should be aware that wearing the wrong bra size could cause all sorts of medical problems. Some of these symptoms includes backache, shoulder pain, neck ache, tender, aching bust, soreness under bust, grooves in shoulders, and bad posture. Because you either have too much bust or not enough. ‘We are never happy with our lot.’ These are just a few of the very real problems that can be put right with a good bra. There are so many women out there buying their bras assuming that their size is the same or some guesses their bra size and without trying them on or seeking expert advise. The result is usually more discomfort. The most common complaints are 1. the back riding up, 2. straps slipping off the shoulders, 3. wrinkled cups, 4. unsightly bumps and ridges. Better fitting bras not only feel comfortable but also help your clothes to look better. A well-fitted bra is similar to a pair of well-fitting shoes. Women should re-measured regularly especially during pregnancy, following childbirth, weight loss or weight gain - as the breast size can change dramatically. The advantages of a correct fit bra includes no more soreness under the bust, pulling the back down, lifting the shoulder swaps and popping back in what has flowed out, making four boobs. It takes an expert eye to find the size and style that will make the very best of each woman’s figure. It also required in-depth knowledge of the wide variety of bras now available. Although manufacturers use what appears to be standard sizing on their labels, every bra is in fact slightly different. This means that a particular cup size in one style may not give you the right fit with another style or manufacturer. Measuring your bra size and bra cup of exact fit is not difficult, however most women find it unnecessary and a nuisance. This is the major mistake as a good fitted bra brings about many benefits and eliminates unnecessary aliments. The following is some information for you while taking the measurement for yourself. Your bra size consist of two figures; your back size and your cup. You will need to take two measurements using a tape measure. Back Size : The measurement is taken around the body directly under the bust or your breasts (over your present bra). Especially when buying a strapless bra, the bra has to fit slightly tighter but not too tight otherwise unsightly bulges would be formed. Use the following table to find your exact bra size T.B.N & TANARAM WOMEN UNDER WEAR COMPANY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Benefits of a Custom-made Plus-size Bra Big Bra, Plus Size Bra Any plus size woman who has navigated through the horror of Victoria Secret’s B-cup jungle knows the importance of having accessibility to undergarments designed for those who don’t fit a mannequin’s shape. Purchasing lingerie at any size can be an ordeal, and if you are large-breasted you have more than likely experienced an even bigger challenge. Fortunately many manufacturers have caught on to the increasing demand to provide more options for those beyond a C or D cup, and even the opportunity to purchase a custom-made plus-size bra is now available. So how do you obtain one of these diamonds in the rough? Chances are, it’s easier than you think! Finding the Perfect Bra Big Bra, Plus Size Bra Many custom-made plus size bras start in your favorite lingerie boutique. It never hurts to ask if they create special orders in larger sizes. Remember, just because it isn’t on the store shelves does not mean the company does not provide it. A store can only carry so much merchandise on their displays, so they are going to appeal to a more mainstream crowd. For the real treasures, you oftentimes have to inquire at the counter for information. Try stores like Victoria’s Secret or a boutique specializing in formal attire that you know carries a variety of undergarments. Since brides are often top bidders for customized items, you will be smart to try your luck at a bridal boutique or somewhere similar. You can also order custom bras online at stores such as The Bra Shop. However if you choose to order online, know that you’re taking a risk. The Internet robs the customized lingerie experience of – well, customization. The best a company can do from afar is to guess your contours and without ever seeing you in person you are risking a bra as awkward fitting as what you could have just as easily purchased down the street. Making Your Own Big Bra, Plus Size Bra Many women in the quest for bust fulfillment have learned to sew their own plus sized bras, and the results have been impressive. If you don’t like the patterns or styles available even for custom options, you can indeed create your own lingerie. To make your own custom bra, you will need a bra bad, straps, some sort of closure, and the bra cups. You can select what sort of style you want by getting thicker straps, fancier closures, or varying textures of cups. Since most full-busted women are looking for full support for their unique shape, choosing the individual components can be rewarding when the final result is being worn. Next, obtain fabric and a bra pattern from a company such as Kwik Sew or McCalls. Most major pattern manufacturers make undergarment designs, and you will find it to be easier than you may suspect to find a plus sized version. Patterns can also be ordered online if need be. Check your initial fit by making a sample cut with the fabric and pattern you have chosen. Hold it up to yourself and make sure it completely covers your breast and gives you a little extra room for seams after bra is complete. As embarrassing as it sounds, many women’s breasts are different sizes so be sure to try the cup on BOTH breasts to ensure the best possible fit. Take your time when you begin to cut your fabric and follow the pattern. Bras demand such a concise construction that even being a minute centimeter off course can cause your product to be uncomfortable and useless. If you are making your first homemade customized bra, set aside an adequate amount of time to do it the right way. Sewing the cups first will give you the best fit, and adding elastic to the bra’s band should be your last step. You can find out more about sewing your own bra at Web sites such as Taunton.com. Being a plus sized woman does not need to feel like a burden when in actuality it is just another form of being beautiful. Getting a custom bra (whether purchased or homemade) can boost your self-confidence and protect your health at the same time. Initial Author: Tamara Warta Recent Contributors: Mary Beth T.B.N & TANARAM WOMEN UNDER WEAR COMPANY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Large Bras Big Bra, Plus Size Bra From LoveToKnow PlussizeProperly fitted extra large bras will provide comfort and the right look under your clothing. Finding the right bra isnt a mystery once you understand bra-sizing basics. Buying the Right Size Big Bra, Plus Size Bra Plus size women often struggle with the blended look when their large breasts hang to their waist giving them an undefined shape. This is due to wearing a bra that doesnt fit properly. When measuring for bra fitting, two measurements play an important role. Chest Size Big Bra, Plus Size Bra When measuring yourself to determine your bra size, use a cloth tape measure; drape it around your back and under your bust. This measurement equals the number of the size you will wear. For example if you measured 44, your bra size would be 44 followed the letter representing your cup size. However, if the measurement is an odd number add one to the number because bra sizes only come in even numbers. Cup Size Big Bra, Plus Size Bra To determine your cup size, use the same tape measure and draw it around yourself and across the fullest part of your breasts. Take this number and subtract your chest size from it. For each one inch difference add a letter starting with the letter A. If the difference is 4 inches your cup size would be D. However, after that it grows a little more complicated. The following information should help: . 1 inch = A cup . 2 inches = B cup . 3 inches = C cup . 4 inches = D cup . 5 inches = E or DD cup . 6 inches = F or DDD or EE cup . 7 inches = G or FF or EEE cup . 9 inches = H or GG or FFF cup . 10 inches = I or HH or GGG Cup With your current measurements and this information, you should be able to find the right size and fit for your body, but remember that fit may differ depending on the manufacturer. Its important to try on extra large bras. Adjusting Straps for Fit Big Bra, Plus Size Bra If the band of your bra fits loosely and does not hug your body it will shift with your movements and does not support you properly. Because of this improper fit, the straps bear the weight and will cut into your shoulders. Straps are supposed to adjust the height of the bust, not bear weight. If you tighten the straps too much, your bra will ride up in back. Finding a bra that fits allows the straps to function to adjust the lift and support of the bra giving your full figure that defined look. To avoid straps digging into your shoulders, they should be wide and tight enough to raise the bust above the bend in your elbow and still be comfortable. When adjusted properly the straps are more likely to stay put and not slip off the shoulders. Proper Cup Fit Big Bra, Plus Size Bra Plus size women often overflow their cups resulting in the breasts dropping out at the bottom, overflowing under the arm or billowing over the top of the cups. This means that the cup size is too small. On the other hand, if the cups wrinkle because your breasts dont fill out the cup this means the cup size is too big. This creates an unattractive line under your clothes. Another thing to take into consideration is that most women have one breast larger than the other. The bra should be purchased to fit the larger side. Tips to Help You Find a Comfortable Bra Big Bra, Plus Size Bra Trying on bras may seem inconvenient, but its the best way to ensure a proper fit. Once you determine your size note or do the following when trying on bras: . Bra should fit comfortably when fastened on the middle set of hooks . Try standing and sitting down to ensure the bra is comfortable . Be sure cups fit all around the breasts . Make sure straps are wide enough they dont dig into your shoulders . Retrieved from "http://plussize.lovetoknow.com/Extra_Large_Bras" Initial Author: Donna Sundblad Recent Contributors: Mary Beth :نمایشگاه

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